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Realm Switching Soundtracks
and Diode Lad Design

Futurist soundtrack composition for comics, film, games and media. 

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Immerse yourself in the world of Phantom Starkiller and Count Draco Knuckleduster with a soundtrack to the hit series by Peter Goral and Joseph Schmalke published by Scout Comics' Black Caravan imprint.



On assignment from Count Draco, Phantom Starkiller travels to Cepheus IV, battles and kills Canne and his infantry, and teams up with the psychic, Acele. In a flashback we learn the horrible origin of the Phantom Starkiller. Diode Lad's soundtrack is designed to be played while reading the book at an average pace.

The album was released for NYCC 2021 with a QR code in the Phantom Starkiller Comic Tag. Available on Bandcamp, and wherever music is streamed. 



 Count Draco seeks to capture the psychic child Acele who is now under the protection of Phantom Starkiller (or is it the other way around?). The Count uses his special magic abilities to eavesdrop on their activities and track them. In a flashback, we learn the horrible origin of Count Draco and the power of Acele, aka the Cor Lapis, a child with a heart of Cryptocrystalline. We also encounter Vice Admiral Aker and the three Blood Riders in this issue. The soundtrack follows the events in the pages, up to the bitter end. You will have to read it to find out what happens! 

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Music for "Silver Surfer Black"

"Surfing in the Black" is a sound art album that can be listened to as a score to the comic book run of "Silver Surfer Black" by Donny Cates, Tradd Moore and Dave Stewart (2019, Marvel Comics). A listener can play the five tracks of the record while reading the five comics in sequence at an average pace. The soundtrack follows the adventures of a cosmic traveler lost in a black hole a billion years ago and confronted by the origins of darkness in the universe and their own memories.

This album is dedicated to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee who created the original Silver Surfer character and story. 

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"Diode Lad makes contemporary sound fiction for dark times"

Even within the radiant smoke of evil and violent anger all around, the natural sound of the Truth will reverberate like a thousand thunders. The sound will come with a rolling, awe-inspiring reverberation. Avoid anger. Do not fear. Do not flee. Do not be afraid. Know these sounds are from the intellectual faculties of your own inner light.

Bardo Thodol (“Liberation by Hearing on the After Death Plane”)

a.k.a. the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”

c. 700 AD by Padma Sambhava

Diode Lad’s first full-length album, “This Black Path” (2018) is an anthem for navigating dark times, for facing demons and fear with bravery and compassion. The work galvanized from a feeling that Humanity is faltering in a darkness of greed, conformity and fear, set on a path to destroy the environment, the animals and one another. In 2017 as America crashed headlong into social, environmental and economic ruin, Diode Lad sought answers in ancient Buddhist philosophy such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead (or Bardo Thodol, literally the “Liberation by Hearing on the After-Death Plane”) a text from c. 700A.D by Padma Sambhava. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a guide to navigate the near afterlife. This Black Path is an expression of the philosophy through sound, sonic medicine for traveling a black path.  

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A soundtrack for being suspended between worlds

Diode Lad’s second album, the Mathematics of Sleeplessness (2019) pulls a listener from acute pointillistic sleeplessness into the world of dreams. Insomnia comes easily to a reasonable human during times such as these, and this album releases the consciousness into a soundscape of ambient noise. The sounds are binaural and designed to neuronally encode stimulating sensations into the brain. The album should be listened to on headphones while alone. 
Available now at and wherever music is found.

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Diode Lad makes realm switching soundtracks for sonic explorers to connect with imaginary worlds through sound. Inspired by fictional worlds of all kinds, Diode Lad music follows the American mythology of comic books into contemporary sound fiction through stories, games and media art.

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Find Diode Lad music on Bandcamp, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Google play, Facebook, and wherever.

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